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If you have pictures or photos of

current or historical

events at the church and you would allow them to be shared on this website, please e-mail them to the:

Niagara Danish Church





Brug CTRL+rulle på musen for at forstørre eller formindske tekst

130 Main Street East, Grimsby, Ontario, L3M 1N8 Tel. (905) 945 8187

En service fra www.folkekirken.dk

Here you will find the October 2014 to January 2015 Bulletin with schedules of

Church Services in Grimsby and Waterloo, and the Events Calendar..

Church Events

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Thanksgiving &

Anniversary Dinner

Saturday, October 18

5:30 pm


Danish Christmas Bazaar

Saturday, Nov. 1

11:00 am - 2:00 pm


All Saints Service


Sunday, November 9




1st Day of Advent

Sunday, November 30

10:30 am

Christmas Tree

Decoration &

Potluck Lunch

Friday, December 12

10:00 am

Lucia Pageant

Sunday, December 14

2:00 pm


Nov. 30 & Dec. 7


Thursday, December 18th

2:00 pm

Please contact Edith



The Nine Readings

Monday, December 19

7:00 pm

Christmas Eve Service

Monday, Dec. 24

2:00 pm

Christmas Day Service

Tuesday, Dec. 25

10:30 am




Sunday, January 4

10:30 am